Dynamic, fun-loving English-native speaker seeks BFD anywhere in Germany

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I am an English native from South African, but my nationality is not the only thing that defines who I am.

Who am I, you may be wandering? A lot of people (those who I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my almost 27 years of life) would describe me as a "pocket of sunshine" because I am always quite jolly and radiant positive energy. I would love to think that I am this kind of person. Besides that, I am a terrible liar and more so, a terrible singer. Although I cannot sing, I do not hold back when it comes to karaoke or singing in the shower or when I am in the train or just casually walking on the streets– this is the joy of being human, being able to use your 'talents' in the best way possible even if people will stare at you like you are completely awkward. I think I am a great friend and find happiness in learning different cultures, and talking to different souls. I love cooking and I think I am a great cook - you can get a reference from my 7-year-old nephew who will gladly be my biggest advocate. I love any form of art whether it be theater, painting, music, writing - I think artistic expression needs to be nurtured as early as possible because it is a form of therapy for anyone who desires a little escape from reality when it gets too stormy. I can attempt to tell the funniest stories, but I am also extremely emotional about the issues that affect the most impoverished or vulnerable areas. I strive to educate myself about the social political realities of people all over the world so that I can be aware of the privileges that I possess over others and also learn to be more culturally sensitive.

This application suggested telling you my favourite subject in school, but it has almost been 10 years since I was in high school. If I have to think back, I think that History was always my favourite subject because I liked learning about the origins of different places and a wide range of human rights laws. Well, now I also have to mention that I enjoyed Art class because I was able to create stories with my animations that was not possible in other subjects. I always thought I would be a screen writer or animator, but the universe had other plans for me. In University, I studied psychology because I became more interested in how the environment could affect our emotional and psychological abilities especially those of children. During my master's degree, I had the opportunity to lead a community project which looked at the educational disadvantages of some youth due to a variety of factors such as lack of resources, family neglect or lack of internal motivation. I worked with a group of youth aged 15-18 years old and it was so fulfilling because I was tasked to help them find ways to achieve their short term and long term dreams. I enjoyed every moment of it, because they motivated me to become the best version of my self and I was like a big sister to them. This experience showed me that I am quite passionate about child and youth development and I would love to do it as a life-long job whether it be working with young children, child refugees or whoever - I want to inspire and be inspired. I want to share love to those who have had a bad start to their human experience and be changed all the while.

Why would a South African 'girl' be interested in volunteering in Germany? Well, there are many reasons why I would love to continue living in this beautiful country. I have been an au pair here for almost 6 months and I absolutely enjoy it because I get to work with young people. My dream is to become a Child and Adolescent psychologist or a trauma counselor and I believe that volunteering in spaces where children are frequently present would be a great way to gain experience working with children from all sorts of backgrounds. The goal to become a volunteer is not to analyse anyone, but to gain more knowledge about children and myself. I would also love to improve my German, because I love the language. I do not want to go back to South Africa yet, I think I was meant to walk on this journey and I am following my gut. I do not mind where in Germany, but I would love to either stay in Hamburg or be in other cities like Munich, Bremen, Berlin, Hesse. I am not picky about the place.

English native
ab August 2019 bis Dezember 2020 möglich
Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Leipzig or anywhere
mit Kindern, Menschenrechte, medizinische Hilfe, mit Erwachsenen, mit Behinderten, mit Senioren, Kultur / Sport, Bildung / Unterrichten
Bundesfreiwilligendienst, Praktikum